Installing LINUX on VMWARE workstation

1)  Download VMware® Workstation from and Install in on your windows platform.

2) Then Click on File tab  --> and then New Virtual Machine, Select Typical and click next

3) Next select I will install operating system later and the next 

4) Now select guest Operating system as Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4  then click on Next

5)  Now select Location, where ever you want in your Hard-drive and click on next

6) Now specify the disk space and then click Next

7) Now click on customize Hardware Tab, A new window appear change memory 512MB to 1 GB
    and click CD/DVD tab and select RHEL-1 CD. 

click on open and click on Finish.....

8)  Power on the Virtual machine

9) Click on Virtual machine and then Enter (If you want release course, Press ALT+CTL)

10)  Linux window will open Click on Next and select Language 

11)  Next Disk Partition setup
       click on Automatically Partition and click on next.. Leave that warning and click on YES.

12)  In Next window select third Option as shown on picture and then next.

13) select hostname automatically by DHCP and click on next

14)  select as shown in below figure 
       a) Enable Firewall
       b) Change to disable SElinux

15) Select time-zone and click on next

16) Give root password of your own

17) Now Packages -  select default packages
       You can install other required packages later, Initially we need editors and graphical Internet, so select       
       on customize software to be installed and mark on editor and graphical internet

18) After click on next and continue.. Mount remaining CD's when system Demands

19)  After completion of installation, machine will ask you to reboot. So Click on Reboot

20) RHEL Installation almost completed. There are few more steps to complete the Installation. After 
      reboot you are able to see welcome screen. Click on Next

21)  a) Licence Agreement Click on Agree and Next.
       b) Date and set --> Set Date and Time then click next
       c) Display --> click on Next
       d) SYSTEM User --> Create a user as shown in picture

22) Next Sound card test and click on next to finish setup. After your machine rebooted. You are able to
      watch log in screen. Login as root and give password, what you gave step 16. 

23) Now you are about to complete  the installation of RHEL 4 on VMWARE workstation

                             In our next topic, I will show you how to Install VMWARE tools on Our Installed Linux machine.

Vidya Sagar



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